Despite 90 percent of Americans now being eligible to receive a COVID vaccine and more than half of rural residents having gotten a dose, one in five say they will not get vaccinated. “If your doctor or nurse doesn’t want to take the vaccine, there’s no national campaign that’s going to overcome that,” says NRHA CEO Alan Morgan. In Maine, residents are traveling north to find appointments, which NRHA President John Gale says could indicate rural hesitancy. The CDC has advised providers to pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine until further review of the six reported U.S. cases of a rare type of blood clot. This vaccine had been considered a boon to rural areas where transportation is less accessible. When it comes to SDOH our health care system is not equipped to vaccinate rural communities. Going forward, we must invest in people and infrastructure. To advocate on behalf of rural health, participate in NRHA’s rural health advocacy campaigns. NRHA has teamed up with the Chartis Center for Rural Health to examine vaccinating rural hospital staff. Offer your perspective