Help Pass HB 2708 to Cap Costs for West Virginians with Diabetes

Help Pass HB 2708 to Cap Costs for West Virginians with Diabetes

In 2020, the West Virginia legislature passed a private insurance insulin copayment cap of $100 per month.

This year the West Virginia legislature can do even better. 

Let’s get HB2708 moving!  

We need your help! 


HB 2708 will cap per month copayments in private insurance:

  • $25 for insulin
  • $25 for other diabetes-related drugs
  • $100 for all diabetes-related medical supplies and equipment

Connect With Your Legislators!

HB 2708 is currently assigned first to the Health and Human Resources Committee and then to the Finance CommitteeHB 2708 must be voted on and pass both Committees by March 28 or the bill dies for this year.


Stand with Your Fellow West Virginia Nurses at 2021 Virtual Policy Summit

WVNA 2021 Virtual Policy Summit: Voices from the Frontline

Thursday, March 25, 2021

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST


As the frontline of the health care industry, nursing simply must have a place at the table when shaping health care policy. From fighting the pandemic to daily patient care to adapting to constant rules changes for hospitals, nurses are woven into the very fabric of health care and must use their collective voices as outspoken change agents to strengthen policy for nursing and for their patients.

Add your voice to the discussion at this year’s virtual policy summit. Content will include policy updates, effective communication strategies with a legislator and their staff, posters, and more.



Join Health Care for All WV for Virtual Training!

2020 has been… Something else. We’ve all felt it & we’re all feeling it now: isolation, loss, anxiety & struggle.

Maybe you’re tired. Or maybe you’re fired up. Maybe you’re looking to see where you fit in the fight for a better WV.

Consider looking here. The Health Care for All WV team fights for quality, affordable healthcare for all West Virginians. We believe that healthcare IS a fundamental human right. We’re surviving a pandemic. Every single one of us deserves affordable & accessible healthcare NOW.


The changes we need won’t come without grassroots support. That is real, everyday people demanding from their state representatives what they need to make their lives better.

If you want to be part of the fight, join us for our 2021 Citizen Civic Engagement Trainings on either Jan. 14th from 5-7 PM, or Jan 16th from 1-3 PM. Then, on Feb 4th from 5-7 PM, we’ll be discussing the healthcare policies we’re fighting for & strategies to make those policies a reality. These training sessions are free & virtual. Mark your calendars.

Talking to your representative might sound intimidating if you’ve never done it, but they’re just people who work for YOU. You can do this. You can help make important changes in our state.

If you want to be a part of the fight right away, or just want to learn more about being a citizen activist, like our Health Care for All WV Facebook page, and like/join any of these regional pages and groups. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please share!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

For more information, visit our website at


What’s at Stake in West Virginia if the Affordable Care Act is Overturned

Disaster Preparedness:

What’s at Stake in West Virginia if the Affordable Care Act is Overturned

On Tuesday, October 20 at 1:00 p.m., join the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, Cabin Creek Health Systems, West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund, and West Virginians for Affordable Health Care for a briefing on the imminent threat to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and what a decision overturning the health care law would mean for West Virginia’s people, health care infrastructure, and economy.

Texas v. California, a lawsuit brought by Republican state Attorneys General that could overturn the entire ACA, will be heard in front of the Supreme Court of the United States next month. While a decision is not expected until next spring, a negative outcome would upend West Virginia’s health care system and threaten the well-being of hundreds of thousands of West Virginians who rely on its sweeping patient protections and health coverage provisions.

Officials at all levels of government must adopt a disaster preparedness framework to ensure that plans are in place to mitigate- as much as possible- the significant and life-threatening harms that a court decision overturning the ACA would cause.

Speaking at the briefing will be:

-Kelly Allen, Executive Director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy

Cecil Roberts, President, United Mine Workers of America and Board Member of Cabin Creek Health Association

Dr. Daniel Doyle, a physician in Fayette and Kanawha counties

Dr. Jessie Ice, Executive Director of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care

Craig Robinson, Executive Director of Cabin Creek Health Systems

John Cline, Raleigh County, Black Lung attorney

Jerry Coleman, President Kanawha County Black Lung Association

Others to be announced

This event is open to the public as well as the media.


Contact Kelly Allen at or 304-612-4180 with any questions.

Urge Senators Manchin and Capito to Advocate for a COVID Relief Package that Prioritizes Families

Take Action to Urge Senators Manchin and Capito to Advocate for an Adequate COVID-19 Relief Package

Dear friends,

On September 10th a new Republican-proposed COVID relief package is expected to be introduced and voted on by the U.S. Senate. The provisions included in the legislation are far too meager to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of West Virginia families, many of whom are facing spiking food, housing, and job insecurity as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to rise.

The proposal of this “skinny” COVID package — so-called because it fails to address many critical needs across the country, including those of state and local governments, struggling families, and small businesses — is deeply disappointing. As families continue to go hungry and worry about keeping a roof overhead, this package seeks to cut boosted unemployment insurance benefits from the CARES Act by 50 percent, and includes no provisions to address rising food and housing insecurity.

We ask that our U.S Senators reject this insufficient proposal and instead pass a strong COVID relief package that adequately addresses the critical needs confronting families in West Virginia and across our country.

Please take action by sending a letter urging Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin to pass a robust COVID relief package that:

  • Provides additional, temporary federal funding for Medicaid programs and direct grants to states, territories, and tribes to protect core public services such as education, infrastructure, and first-responders, in addition to aid for local governments;
  • Temporarily increases SNAP benefits and housing assistance so people can get enough to eat and keep a roof over their heads;
  • Creates an emergency fund for states to help people who are falling through the cracks and to create subsidized jobs programs when workers can participate safely;
  • Temporarily makes the Child Tax Credit available to the lowest-income children and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-paid workers not raising kids in their homes; and
  • Continues expanded unemployment benefits.

Each day that Congress fails to pass a relief package, our communities continue to suffer. But our members of Congress must act with urgency not only to pass the next package, but to ensure that the package is robust enough to meet the immense needs of our state and our people.