N95 and PPE Decontamination by the National Guard

National Guard protocol for collecting and decontaminating N95 masks and PPE  Residential treatment programs can coordinate pick-up and return with the County Local Emergency Management Agency (EMA). 

Programs  can coordinate pick-up and return with the County Local Emergency Management Agency (EMA) – here is a link to the phone numbers for each county agency.

Sisters Health Foundation: Our New Priority Areas and What Bold Looks Like

Our New Priority Areas

Health Eating, Active Living
Thriving Neighborhoods   Mental Health and Addiction

Starting with our Fall 2020 cycle, which opens on May 1, the new SHF priority areas that will guide our 370-year mission to serve our “dear neighbor” will be Healthy Eating, Active Living; Thriving Neighborhoods; and Mental Health and Addiction.  We made these changes because we listened. We listened to what the community was telling us over the past two years when we met with over 100 organizational leaders and members at the local, state, and federal levels to help inform our work on addressing community needs.  Because our external environment is constantly changing, we as a foundation recognize that our role in the community needs to evolve as well. We must respond to meet the most pressing health needs in the Mid-Ohio Valley. As a result of the listening process, we realized that some priorities required fine tuning while other parts needed some bolder thinking. So we asked ourselves: What does bold look like to SHF?

Learn more about the rationale for the priority area changes by clicking here.

What Bold Looks Like


Our board and staff decided to embark on this bold decision to make a 20 year commitment to mental health and addiction because these issues deeply need our time and attention. West Virginia and Ohio have the worst mortality rates of diseases of despair, such as suicide, alcoholic liver disease, and drug overdose. As a community, we need to change this reality.

“Serving our dear neighbors is a commitment we made to our communities,” SHF Board President Arlene Borkowski said. “We are committing the SHF resources in the area of mental health and addiction for years into the future because these issues affect all of us.”

These two issues have far-reaching ripple effects: in schools, the food security network, healthcare systems, the foster care system, the workforce, and most importantly, the lives of our family and friends whom we love. There are no other issues in our grant-making portfolio that touch every aspect of our vision of “healthy people in healthy communities” so deeply and directly as do mental health and addiction.  As Executive Director Renee Steffen states, “We know we cannot fully address the complexity of these issues in 1, 2, or even 5 years. We need to stick with these issues for the long haul to make an impact.”

To read more on this bold commitment, click here.

Sisters Health Foundation

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Our mission is to promote healthy and sustainable communities by providing resources, strengthening collaborative relationships, and supporting initiatives that impact people in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Through this mission, the Sisters Health Foundation seeks to enhance the rich gifts already found in local communities.