All WVRHA Student Members will receive the following benefits:

  • Receive regular newsletters with information about WVRHA’s activities, useful websites, legislative updates, grants and scholarship announcements.
  • Automatically become an Associate Member of the National Rural Health Association.
  • Attend educational webinars, conferences, forums, and workshops regarding rural health issues.
  • Access links to state and national resources.
  • Network with professionals in the health care workforce, establishing contacts that may be useful in future job searches, mentorships, and collaborations.
  • Apply for a full scholarship to attend the annual WV Rural Health Conference.
  • Participation in WVRHA’s Annual Rural Workforce Day at the Legislature.
  • Access to the WV Rural Health Portal., which may be helpful for research, grant applications, and school assignments
  • Develop a student chapter at their campus if not already established.
  • Participate in any student chapter event.
  • Run for a WVRHA Board of Directors Position, or serve on subcommittees to develop leadership skills
  • Student members have one vote in the annual election of WVRHA Board members.
  • Become an intern for WVRHA if accepted.

Students will have a chance to:

  • View how WVRHA works to change rural health policy at the state and national legislative levels to improve the health of rural West Virginians.
  • Learn how WVRHA collaborates with a variety of partners to assist rural communities in improving their health and well-being.

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