Your expertise and guidance are needed.  On behalf of the West Virginia State Office of Rural Health, the WVU Institute for Community and Rural Health seeks to identify effective ways to strengthen the healthcare workforce in West Virginia – particularly in rural areas.

As you well know, a robust workforce is necessary to efficiently and effectively care for our aging population and our future generations.  Accessible healthcare impacts education, our economy, and employment opportunities.

Specifically, we wish to understand which recruitment and retention incentives are working and what other incentive programs will help you reduce the turnover of health care staff in your organization.

As a starting point, please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey at this link by Monday, February 1st

Please also consider participating in a virtual focus group to discuss the results of this survey and provide us more detailed information about your experiences on the front line.  Additional information on these forums will be provided soon.

Your time and attention are most appreciated. We hope you will complete this survey and look forward to seeing you virtually.


April Vestal, MPH

WVU Institute of Community and Rural Health