Shelia Brown sits on her couch below framed pictures of she and her husband over the years. The two were married for 50 years. Her husband Waitman passed away from lung cancer in 2018 after being in hospice for almost a year. KARA LOFTON / WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC BROADCASTING

WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC BROADCASTING-Hollywood tells us that love stories are about the beginning — catching an eye across a crowded room, a first date, a dramatic proposal. We see little, if anything, after the fairytale wedding. But for many, the greatest testament to love is not the first moments, but the last.

And, for some of us, navigating the last moments means asking for help.

Yet people in Appalachia can be suspicious of end-of-life care, especially hospice care. There’s a perception that when hospice comes in, it’s only for the last hours before someone dies, rather than easing the last weeks or months of life. That was certainly what Sheila Brown thought.