Take Action to Urge Senators Manchin and Capito to Advocate for an Adequate COVID-19 Relief Package

Dear friends,

On September 10th a new Republican-proposed COVID relief package is expected to be introduced and voted on by the U.S. Senate. The provisions included in the legislation are far too meager to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of West Virginia families, many of whom are facing spiking food, housing, and job insecurity as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to rise.

The proposal of this “skinny” COVID package — so-called because it fails to address many critical needs across the country, including those of state and local governments, struggling families, and small businesses — is deeply disappointing. As families continue to go hungry and worry about keeping a roof overhead, this package seeks to cut boosted unemployment insurance benefits from the CARES Act by 50 percent, and includes no provisions to address rising food and housing insecurity.

We ask that our U.S Senators reject this insufficient proposal and instead pass a strong COVID relief package that adequately addresses the critical needs confronting families in West Virginia and across our country.

Please take action by sending a letter urging Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin to pass a robust COVID relief package that:

  • Provides additional, temporary federal funding for Medicaid programs and direct grants to states, territories, and tribes to protect core public services such as education, infrastructure, and first-responders, in addition to aid for local governments;
  • Temporarily increases SNAP benefits and housing assistance so people can get enough to eat and keep a roof over their heads;
  • Creates an emergency fund for states to help people who are falling through the cracks and to create subsidized jobs programs when workers can participate safely;
  • Temporarily makes the Child Tax Credit available to the lowest-income children and expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-paid workers not raising kids in their homes; and
  • Continues expanded unemployment benefits.

Each day that Congress fails to pass a relief package, our communities continue to suffer. But our members of Congress must act with urgency not only to pass the next package, but to ensure that the package is robust enough to meet the immense needs of our state and our people.