West Virginia Rural Health Association

Board of Directors Meeting – at Braxton Learning Resource Center

November 26, 2007

(Approved January 25, 2008)


Members Participating:         Patricia Crawford, April Vestal, Lew Holloway, Mazhaurllah Shaik, Phil Schenk, Norma Bowyer           


Via Phone:                              Michael Thompson, Hilda Heady, Sandra Pope (guest)


Not Participating:                   Elaine Bowen, Susan Griffith Chapman, Sara Jane Gainor, Jeff Graham, Lynn McCormick, Alicia Tyler, Sally Richardson


Agenda Items


Board Actions

Call to Order

Patricia Crawford called the meeting to order at 10:24 am. 


Roll Call

There were 6 members in attendance and 2 members via phone.



Minutes of the 10/23/07 meeting were presented.



Motion to approve minutes

(Thompson /Bowyer  )

Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report

The October financial report was reviewed and approved.  Phil indicated that the purchase of $132.60 for tools for the auction should have been a donation from the WVPCA and is indicated in the financial report as an expense. Patti explained Sherri Ferrell said it was to be invoiced from WVRHA according to the current situation at WVPCA.

Motion to approve report

(Bowyer /Shaik )

Motion passed

Old Business:




Patricia Crawford reported that all funds had been expended in the grant.  Patti went over the Technical Assistance Application for the 2007-08 year for the maximum amount of $9,500 which will be submitted to NRHA by November 29.  Copies were provided to the members.  The plan is to hire a consultant to work on some activities for the WVRHA.  Hilda suggested the person have some experience in Publisher or graphics experience.  Discussion that this person should have more than just office or clerical experience.  This would be a .2 FTE position. 









Motion to accept application for the grant



Motion to supplement coordinator position in the amount of $5,760 from general revenue for the 2008 fiscal year.


Motion passed

Abstain – Bowyer

New Business:



Annual Membership Meeting Report

Patricia Crawford asked members to review minutes of the membership meeting held during the WV Rural Health Conference.  Some attendees at the annual membership meeting asked to receive a copy of the final report of the forums.  Hilda took these names and will distribute the report to them.  Minutes of this meeting will be approved during the membership meeting held during next year’s conference.


Community Forum Final Report

Patti discussed the email that was sent to all who attended a community health forum.  In the email from Hilda and Sally, they asked for feedback by December 1.  Hilda has communicated with the WVPCA and WVHA about Legislative agenda items in which they are working.  Dr. Shaik said he has some access to graphics and may be able to assist with the brochure.


Silent Auction

Patricia Crawford said that Lisa Scarberry was to send a report to her on the silent auction and had not done so as of Sunday.  Patti will forward the report to the board when she receives it.  A total of $1,688.50 was made on the auction.  This was a similar amount to the previous year’s income on the auction.  We did not have the money container to auction off this year and that was a big income item from the previous year.  Norma said a thank you should be sent to those that volunteered for the auction.  Phil agreed to send a thank you as he is the fundraising chair.  We had the capacity to take credit cards this year and this was beneficial.  Ms. Crawford recommended that this activity be included at future conferences.



Patricia Crawford discussed that this MOU was something needed to be renewed annually.  This indicates that there is a 6% fee on all revenues.  Sherry Ferrell is great to work with on finances.  She keeps a detailed ledger as well as financial reports that go to the board.  Patti said she was very satisfied with the relationship.  Mazharullah suggested that we start looking at managing our own accounts for the future.  Eventually the WVRHA should be their own 501c3.  Lew suggested that on the financial reports, there be a calendar year report as well as showing income and expenses throughout the year.

Motion to use 2007 MOU as the basis for 2008 MOU and renew this with WVPCA


Motion passed



WVRHA Membership List

Patricia Crawford said that she has requested that the membership list be received by December 14.  She will follow up with the OCHS.


NRHA Policy Institute

Ms. Crawford indicated she  submitted Michael Thompson as the contact person with NRHA.  Michael should be receiving information about this soon.  Hill visits are scheduled for January 29.  Sandra Pope said that she would have someone work with whomever was scheduling hill visits in Michael’s office.  She said that one of Michael’s staff could call Carmella in her office to assist.  Norma Bowyer is also attending and has experience in this area. 

Mazharullah said he would check his schedule and hopes to be able to attend.




NRHA Rural Health Safety Net Funding Update

Patricia pointed out that minutes from the state association council meeting were included in member packets which discussed this update.

Sandra said there was a vote for an override to the rural health funding veto which was only a few votes short of passing.  There are several things that may happen now such as funding cuts, pork removal, or program by program cuts.  Something has to occur by December 15.  A continuing resolution would mean that things would function on last year’s budget.  Hilda and Sandra will keep you up to date.  Some program that would be adversely affected are all programs that are in HHS funding; outreach grants, AHEC, etc. 


Committee Reports

·        Membership/Communications –  No report

·        Fundraising – discussed earlier

·        Nominations –  Sandra reported that she received paperwork for 8 nominees for the board.  However it was determined that Lynn McCormick has another year on her term, so there are a total of 7 nominees for the board and 7 open slots.

·        Policy –  Hilda reported that she and Sally has had conference calls with Louise Reese and Jill McDaniel regarding agenda items.  She said they were going to lay out their legislative and regulatory agendas to reflect the items indicated in the final report and alphabetize issues so there is no perceived prevalence on issues.  Plans are to hold a conference call of the policy committee once they have a draft.


Other Business

No other business was brought before the board.



Meeting adjourned at  12:17PM

Motion to adjourn



Submitted by April Vestal


Future Meeting Dates:  Friday, January 25, 2008 at the Braxton LRC beginning at 10AM.  Additional 2008 dates will be provided at this meeting by President, Michael Thompson going with the 4th Mondays.